warabi mochi singapore

A classic Japanese sweet, warabi mochi is a soft, jiggly treat with a delicate flavour that’s traditionally made from bracken starch (warabiko), though some places may make it out of tapioca flour. It’s typically served with a dusting of kinako (roasted soybean flour) and a drizzle of kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup) for a blend of toasty, nutty and sweet notes. Unlike regular mochi, which is made with glutinous flour for a firmer, chewier texture, warabi mochi has an almost jelly-like consistency. If you’re looking to get your fix of warabi mochi in Singapore, here’s where to visit.

Where To Get Warabi Mochi In Singapore

1. Warabimochi Kamakura Singapore

The popular Japanese chain (it has over 50 stores in Japan) opened its first outpost in Southeast Asia at One Holland Village to much fanfare. The brand serves a crossover of traditional warabi mochi with various flavoured beverages, with bestsellers (from $5.90) like Strawberry Yogurt, Strawberry Milk, Asakawa-en Matcha, Tenku No Hojicha, and Coffee Milk. But purists can go for the hand-cut warabi mochi (from $7.90), made fresh daily with bracken starch and boasting a silkier mouthfeel thanks to a secret recipe, and coated generously with kinako. There are also warabi mochi cups (from $3.90), which come with or without ice cream.

Warabimochi Kamakura Singapore is at #01-54 One Holland Village, 7 Holland Village Way, Singapore 275748.

2. Hvala

Japanese cafe chain Hvala is best known for its matcha and Japanese sweets. And on the menu, there’s also the homemade Kinako Warabi Mochi ($8), served at the Chijmes, Craig Road and Takashimaya outlets. Or switch it up with a Yuzu Warabi Mochi ($8) that’s brightened with the fragrance of the citrus fruit and sprinkled with snow powder. For a cool dessert to beat the heat, try the Warabi Mochi with Gelato ($11.80), which gets you an additional scoop of either goma (black sesame) or matcha gelato.

Hvala has multiple outlets including at Chijmes, Craig Road and Takashimaya. Visit its website for a list of locations.

3. 108 Matcha Saro

Photo: @108matchasarosg/Instagram

Originating from Asahikawa, Hokkaido, dessert shop 108 Matcha Saro doles out desserts crafted with Kyoto Uji Matcha, with items like obanyaki (Jpanese pancakes) and parfaits. For warabi mochi, take your pick from three versions: with kinako powder, dusted with matcha powder, or with black sesame powder. Other sweets you can dig into include soft serves, parfaits and obanyaki (Japanese pancakes).

108 Matcha Saro is at #B1-K5 Suntec City Mall, B4-70 Ion Orchard, and B1-03D Bugis Junction. Visit its Instagram page for more information.

4. Matchaya

Photo: Instagram/@matchayasg

Billing itself a modern progressive tea bar, Matchaya specialises in matcha and Japanese tea. On the dessert menu, you’ll find Warabi Mochi ($9.90) with topping options of kinako, matcha and kurogoma (black sesame). Or try the various desserts too, like the Uji Matcha ($14.90), which sees soft serve luxed up with the likes of matcha warabimochi, adzuki and kinako espuma.

Matchaya has multiple outlets including Capita Spring, Changi T3, Suntec and Takashimaya. Visit its website for a list of locations.

5. Waga Waga Den

Photo: Instagram/@wagawagaden

Nestled within South Beach Avenue, Japanese-inspired coffee house Waga Waga Den is the sister brand of upscale Japanese sukiyaki restaurant Black Cow, which is located just steps away. The “Waga” in its name stands for wagyu beef as well as wagashi (Japanese sweets) — both of which are celebrated here. Japanese sweets on the menu include soft warabi mochi with toasty soybean powder, crafted fresh daily and whisked by hand. The chic glasshouse-style establishment also offers matcha, coffee, specialty drinks, and a bevy of bites like wagyu beef croissants.

Waga Waga Den is at #01-14 South Beach Tower, 38 Beach Road, Singapore 189767. Opens Mon to Fri (8.30am to 3.30pm) and Sat (12pm to 4pm). Closed on Sundays.

6. Japan Rail Cafe

Photo: @japanrailcafe/Instagram

One of the quintessential experiences in Japan is embarking on a journey aboard the renowned rail system, which includes the iconic Shinkansen bullet train. Japan Rail Cafe, operated by the East Japan Railway Company, aims to spotlight the experience by offering the newest Japanese products such as gourmet food and retail items, unique information about less-known travel destinations, and convenient rail ticketing service for Japan rail passes. Food-wise, it serves casual Japanese fare with seasonal delights, and for a sweet after-meal fix, grab the Warabi Mochi ($6++ for eight pieces).

Japan Rail Cafe is at #01-20 Guoco Tower, 5 Wallich Street, Singapore 078883. Visit its website for more information.

7. Sun With Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe

Photo: @sunwithmoonsg/Instagram

As its name suggests, Sun With Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe presents a dining meets café experience. The menu comprises authentic traditional Japanese cuisine intertwined with innovative modern dishes, and flavours inspired by the diverse regions of Japan. Think traditional kamameshi (kettle rice), bento sets, chirashi bowls, sushi and more. Round off your meal with desserts like kurogoma pudding, matcha tiramisu, and of course, warabi mochi ($7.80) that’s made in-house.

Visit its website for more information.