“2017 was a challenging year, so I’m hoping 2018 will be better”

Ase Wang, 36, Model & Actress

Ase Wang, Joanna Dong And Other Singapore Celebs Share Their Hopes For 2018

You may recognise Ase from the magazine covers and television commercials she’s fronted, but the Singaporean star made waves for a different reason last year.

She was one of two Asian actresses who spoke up against disgraced media mogul Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of sexual misdeeds over the past three decades.

In Ase’s case, she was invited to dinner with the powerful producer in 2010 and quickly realised that she was simply there as part of “a meat show” for Harvey.

“I got a lot of backlash for speaking out about Harvey Weinstein. I had a publication in China write horrible things about me and dig out pictures of my family and print these pictures of my uncles, my dad, and my cousins in Singapore in their paper,” she says.

“My dad said: ‘I don’t know about this Ase, I don’t know if you should have’ and I thought ‘If I don’t, I’m always going to think what if, what if’ and I don’t do well with ‘what if’. I would rather just do what’s right, than think I should’ve done this or that.”

While Ase describes the whole process as tough, she’s also proud that people could wake up to the reality that the entertainment industry isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. “I got more cheers out of it than negativity,” she says.

“I was scared to say something at first, but some people had already done the talking first, and I admire that because I don’t think I would ever have the courage to be the first one to speak out. Since people had already spoken out, I thought it was a great time to jump on that team and say it had happened to me too,” she explains.

“With all this awareness [of sexual harassment], I feel like women can walk into a room now and own it more. You can see that men are a little bit more scared now, and they think before they do things, which is great because we women have to think before we do things, too.”

The Cambridge Therapeutics endorser hopes that through all the ups and downs she faced last year, she hopes the New Year will offer her some respite.

“I hope 2018 is a calm year, and I only say that because 2017 had a lot of challenges so a calm year is ideal. Even through times of chaos, I hope I remain calm,” she reveals.

“I’m looking forward to so many things this year. I have a swimwear line coming out, which I’ve designed myself. It’s called 7nightstand, and I’m very excited about the line because it caters to women of all sizes.”

Ase is wearing top by Maje; trousers by H&M; and her own sneakers.

“I want to let this year surprise me!”

Joanna Dong, 36, Singer

Ase Wang, Joanna Dong And Other Singapore Celebs Share Their Hopes For 2018

After impressing Asian viewers with her powerful vocal chops on last year’s edition of Sing! China, Joanna has continued to hit all the right notes with the release of her latest single ‘I Truly Give My Love To You’ over the holidays.

The jazz queen of Singapore has a lot on her plate come 2018, including a regional concert in the first half of the year.

“When I first started 2017, I had no idea that the year would turn out the way it did, so I don’t want to have too many expectations of 2018. I want to let this year surprise me the way it did last year!” she confesses.

“I tend to be the sort that goes with the flow, and so far the flow has taken me to some amazing places and situations, so I want to keep trusting that instinct.

I hope to capitalise on all the opportunities that were offered to me because of the Sing! China contest, and not squander these precious chances I’ve been given.”

Refreshingly, Joanna is realistic about her time in the spotlight, having spent close to 10 years in the entertainment scene before catching her big break.

Her experience showed on stage in Beijing during the Sing! China finals, where she garnered a third-place finish.

“My schedule has been so packed since wrapping up, and I don’t really have that much time to spend with each person or each thing I’m doing as much as I used to,” she explains.

“So as much as possible, during the moments that I am with people, I want to be present so each person who interacts with me, for however limited a time, will feel like I superseded their expectations.”

“I intend to make full use of my one-year window following the competition, before the next Singapore representative goes on to wow audiences,” she says. “But as with every year, the most important thing for me is to learn and grow.”

Joanna is wearing dress with ruffled detail (worn as top) by MSGM; Pleated wide legged pants by Pleats Please Issey Miyake; and Shell Earrings by Tory Burch.

“I want to inspire others with stories of hard work, humility and tenacity”

Christine Tan, 47, CNBC Asia Anchor

Ase Wang, Joanna Dong And Other Singapore Celebs Share Their Hopes For 2018

No stranger to our television screens, Christine has been anchoring CNBC Asia’s longest-running feature programme Managing Asia for over 10 years.

As her team prepares to dive deep into another successful season of conversing with the world’s top business leaders, Christine hopes to make 2018 count.

“I always look forward to a new year with excitement and anticipation: So many CEOs to interview, so much we want to do. Last year, the show celebrated its 20th anniversary and 800th episode – a momentous year for me and my team as we reflected on our journey, and the hundreds of wonderful stories we’ve shared of influential CEOs, visionaries and successful entrepreneurs in Asia over the years,” she shares.

While reaching that milestone was triumphant, Christine – like any good journalist – wants to dig deeper and keep pushing boundaries, both professionally and personally.

“In 2018, I want to build on that longevity and scour the region to identify enterprises at the forefront of their industries. We’ll continue to push the show to be the platform for leaders to share about real world issues, about values and traditions, about disruption and adapting to change. It’s all about staying relevant and giving actionable insights,” she explains.

“On the personal front, I am going to set new goals in my life – eat healthier, exercise more, spend quality time with my family and to take moments to appreciate life and loved ones.”

Christine’s role in advancing a woman’s purview of the financial world has also taken the spotlight recently. At the 2017 CEO Asia Conference, she was awarded Influential Brands’ first-ever ‘Influential Woman of the Year’ award.

“It’s always nice to have your work recognised – but beyond that, it drives me to want to achieve even more, and inspire others with stories of hard work, humility and tenacity,” she affirms.

Christine is wearing knit top and pants by BOSS; cuff by Swarovski; and her own shoes.

Photos: Veronica Tay and Frenchescar Lim/SPHM / Styling: Josiah Chua, assisted by Misato Kato; and Debby Kwong / Makeup: Beno Lim using YSL Beauty; and Ginger Lynette using Dior Makeup / Hair: Arx Salon, Ash Loi and Kenneth Ong

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