GWOT 2017 Sarah Tang
Sarah Tang, 28, Co-founder, Sarah and Schooling

An ardent supporter of Singapore’s literary scene, Sarah has always been inclined towards the arts from a young age. When she’s not designing literary books (from cover to layout to the fonts, and type of paper used), you’ll find her busy supporting the local crafting community through Itchy Fingers, a series of weekend workshops featuring lessons by independent local artisans. Sarah also worked probono on (a website that showcases Singaporean poets and their work), which was launched during the Singapore Writers’ Festival last year.

“Chances are, you’ve held one of our works in your hands…
Our portfolio of clients include Epigram, Marshall Cavendish, Math Paper Press, National University of Singapore Press, Monsoon Books, and LASALLE College of the Arts. We also designed an SG50 book for Fengsan Community Club.”

“Self-doubt is the worst enemy of creativity…
There’s a difference between an opinion and the truth. I weigh constructive criticism for self-improvement, and block out the rest. We all have insecurities and we’ve had our share of naysayers, but I’ve learnt to have confidence in my craft and decisions.”

“It’s no secret that we still live in a man’s world…
Instead of being frustrated about the unfairness we face in society, I try to focus on the right priorities. I enjoy what I do and play my part in building the local creative community. Change will come when you focus on the right things, because actions speak louder than words.”

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