Hosted by the Weekly‘s editor Elizabeth Lee, the Great Women of Our Time podcast shines the spotlight on inspirational women and their journey through motherhood and their career. It also touches on grit, and overcoming life’s challenges.

Meet ophthalmologist Dr. Claudine Pang, 40, who is also the founder of Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre. The avid humanitarian doesn’t just take her two children on mission trips to Nepal, she also started Eyecare Without Borders, a charitable initiative that offers eye care for those in underprivileged societies in Singapore as well as in developing countries.

Dr. Claudine Pang

She lets us in on her passion for helping others, especially through eye care, why she takes her kids on mission trips and the values she hopes to inculcate in them, and how motherhood has changed her.

Listen to our conversation, below:

Here are the highlights:

3:30: Claudine on her personal challenges as a mother
4:37: On why she brought her young children on mission trips and her most memorable trips
7:06: On why she started her charity initiative Eyecare Without Borders
09:02 The challenges she faced as a retina specialist in a male-dominated industry, and travelling across the globe for interviews
10:58: Her advice for young people looking to start or work in a non-profit organisation
11:57: What she wants to inculcate in her children, and how motherhood has changed her
16:55 Her advice for women or young people who are paving their career paths
19:35 On her new book, which raises awareness on eye health
20:28 A rapid-fire segment where we ask Claudine about her latest Netflix obsession, what she’d tell her younger self, the craziest thing she’s done and more.