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This sweet potato soup is good for your skin and hair. You can cook it in advance and keep it in the fridge to reheat for an afternoon snack or evening dessert.

For beauty, sweet potatoes contain high levels of beta-carotene. Your body converts this to an active form of vitamin A, to boost skin from within and improve collagen production. Vitamin A also helps your skin cope with UV rays and helps healthy hair growth.


  • 500 g purple-skin sweet potato
  • 20 g dry white fungus
  • 3 Chinese red dates
  • 1 tsp wolfberries or goji berry
  • 100 g rock sugar (you can use table sugar, but soup will be sweeter)
  • 400 ml water


  • ¼ cup purple rice

Soak dry Snow Fungus in a bowl of cool tap water until it expands to double its size. It will take about 20 mins.


Discard the water and wash the Snow Fungus under running water to remove any grit. Cut off the dry stem and tear soft snow fungus into bite sized pieces.


Peel sweet potato and cut into chunks.


Fill a pot with 400 ml of water. Add chunks of purple sweet potato and red dates. Add purple rice if you are using. Reduce fire to low and simmer for about 15 mins in low heat.


Add white fungus and dates, simmer for another 15 mins over low fire.


Add in the sugar and wolfberries and turn off the heat. Cover the pot and let the soup sit for 10 mins so the sugar melts. After the sugar melts, give it a stir and serve hot.

Download or print the recipe