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Poke bowls consist of diced raw fish (usually tuna or salmon), usually served on a bed of rice and with a variety of other colourful complementary toppings. You’ve probably seen these bright and colourful bowls all over your social media feed. Not only are they Instagram-worthy, they’re also really easy to prepare, making them perfect for a quick and light lunch option. This recipe is by Colin Chun, Executive Chef at Hilton Sydney and features a unique Asian twist – gochujang!


  • 120 g Sashimi quality fish (diced 1-cm cube, tuna or salmon)
  • 150 g cooked rice (white sushi rice, black sticky rice or brown rice)


  • 45 g gochujang paste (Korean chilli paste)
  • 15 g sugar
  • 30 ml rice vinegar
  • 15 ml sesame oil
  • 30 g soy sauce
  • 3 g garlic clove, minced
  • 5 ml lime juice


  • 30 g avocado, diced
  • 20 g cucumber, diced
  • 20 g carrot, diced or sliced
  • 5 g radish, sliced
  • 10 g mixed green salad (torn to small size) or iceberg lettuce

Place all dressing ingredients in a bowl and combine them using a whisk.


In a serving bowl, place cooked rice and top with raw fish.


Arrange all other garnishes on the rice and fish and serve with dressing on the side.

Download or print the recipe