modern living room with well-positioned photos on the wall and a leopard skin throw on the sofa
Sarah designed her living room to evoke a casual atmosphere.

Know What Mood Your Want For Each Room
Even a professional like Sarah Tham, design director of Cube Associate Design wanted to include all her ideas in her home. However, knowing what mood she wanted each room to have helped narrow down her options. She wanted to living room to evoke a casual atmosphere, wheres the dining area in an elegant style. Her bedroom remains a minimalist, fuss-free space.

an elegant living room
Lights can change the mood instantly.

Lights And Lamp Make A Difference
A home’s lighting make the biggest difference as it changes the mood instantly. “I think a house should look different throughout the day: bright and airy in daytime, and cosy at night. That’s why I have a strip ambient lighting underneath my staircase, and various lamps around my home,” says Sarah.

hidden storage shelves of a living room
Have an element that ties it all together.

Pick A Common Element
“A common element helps tie it all together. I chose grey as my main colour scheme. From the high gloss spray on the walls to the veneers in the bathroom. I also picked the same texture wood veneer for my hidden storage spaces, which are fitted to my living room, study, and kitchen walls; this gives the interiors a sense of unity. Once you have that, you can mix and match styles in the rooms.”

beautiful bathroom
Sarah loves to mix and match different styles, textures and materials, for e.g. a raw wood stool in a sleek modern bathroom

Experiment Different Materials
“Matching furniture can look too serious, so I prefer loose ones that I can play around with,” says Sarah who contrasts her raw, wooden study table from Bali with a contemporary Cassina armchair in her study. “I also love to experiment with textures, using fabric or paint colours,” she says.

Text: Eliza Hamizah, Home & Decor, March 2016 / Additional Reporting: Sylvia Ong
Photo: Home & Decor