No two whites are the same. White walls might seem like a common wall colour, but you’d be surprised at just how many different shades there are, with every variant conveying a different mood. If you’re stumped, find out how to choose the most suitable white paint for your home here:

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1. White paint is not exactly white

White paint contains traces of other colours that give it personality – these are known as undertones. Broadly speaking, cool whites have blue undertones while warm whites have yellow or brown undertones. To figure out the undertone, hold a swatch or paint chip next to a sheet of white paper.

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2. Consider the room’s function

What’s the space for? For a bedroom, look at more relaxing, calming tones of whites. This usually leans towards slightly creamier or natural hues. A pure, bright white is great for the kitchen, which can be too vivid and contrasting for a bedroom.

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3. Shortlist swatches

Go to a paint store and pick up small sample swatches, moving around to see them under different lights. Put them side by side and you’ll notice that one of them suddenly appears quite green or blue. Then, shortlist two or three that you think works best.

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4. Test paint directly on your wall

To get the best comparison, paint small circles (around 8 cm wide) of the different whites next to each other on at least two walls of the same room, with one near the window. Check how they look in the morning and afternoon, as well as when the lights are on and off. Don’t forget to label the circles so you don’t unknowingly mix them up!

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How To Choose The Right White For Your Walls

5. Consider other elements in the room

Place a few items like furniture, artwork or curtains against them to help you narrow down your options. If you have a feature wall, consider how the white would complement it rather than dulling it down or becoming too bright when placed next to it.

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Text: Sylvia Ong / Additional Reporting: Elizabeth Liew
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