Kids Light Fixture Ideas For Your Child's Bedroom

Don’t be left in the dark when it comes to ensuring the health of your child’s vision. Having thoughtful and proper illumination helps to enhance the play areas while providing a conducive learning environment in the study

Add a touch of fun with whimsical and themed light fixtures to foster an imaginative and playful environment. Choose versatile and multifunctional lighting options that can be reconfigured or repurposed to extend their useful life.

Kids Light FixturesPrice
Hexagon Nanoleaf Lights$189
Seletti Monkey Lamp$520
Kave Home Yulia String Light$60
IKEA Iskarna Lamp$34.90
Lumos Mood Lighting Projector$99
Moooi Pet Table Lamps$920
Kave Home Ridley Lamp$70
IKEA Blavingad Soft Toy$24.90
Kave Home Bianella Lamp$60
Hipvan Mi Bedside Lamp 2$69
Hipvan Kenne Bell Pendant Lamp$55
Kartell Fly Kids Lamp$730
Mi Desk Lamp Pro$99
IKEA Krux Work Lamp$55
IKEA Isnalen Work Lamp$29.90

1. Nanoleaf Hexagon Lights, $189

Let your child’s creativity shine with the Nanoleaf Shapes which feature light panels in triangles and hexagons, the two main geometric shapes to form their very own design by mixing and matching.

It can be an orange dinosaur today, but a green one tomorrow when you customise the colours on the light panel via the app.

Position the play area near the windows during the day, as natural light enhances your child’s mood and creativity, along with other health benefits.

Retails for $189 onwards from Nanoleaf.

2. Seletti Monkey Lamp, $520

Meet the playful Seletti Monkey Lamp, they are a bunch of cheeky and lively monkeys to bring out the fun energy in your child’s room.

These lifelike monkey lamps are made of resin, and each monkey holds onto an exposed bulb in various positions from sitting, hanging, standing, and even swinging too!

Retails for $520 to $700 from Journey East.

3. Kave Home Yulia String Light, $60

Drape it across the wall, wrap it around the bedframe, or hang it on the bookshelf, there are so many possibilities with Yulia String Light from Kave Home, available in beige, pink and green.

Each LED comes with its own mini origami lantern for a softer, soothing glow to add to the cozy ambiance with the twinkly lights, or to elevate an empty wall by hanging the light garland up as a wall display.

Tuck your child into bed with comforting night lights emitting warm colour temperatures. Aside from helping young ones to wind down and ease them into a restful state, ambient lights also provide a gentle glow and a sense of security for them.

Retails for $60 from Kave Home.

4. Ikea Iskarna Lamp, $34.90

Personalise and style this funky table lamp with a bucket hat, a pair of cool sunglasses, or even a cute headband. The Ikea Iskarna lamp comes with adjustable colours and your child can decide to go with one that matches their mood or let the lamp randomly select between seven different colours.

Retails for $34.90 from IKEA.

5. Lumos Mood Lighting Projector, $99

Bring the aurora light display home with Lumos Mood, a lighting projector and a Bluetooth speaker in one. Create an immersive visual-audio experience with three dreamy colours selections and you can also play your child’s favourite tunes to get them singing along.

Retails for $99 from Lumos.

6. Moooi Pet Table Lamps, $920

Say hello to the friendly Moooi Pet family – Uhuh the owl, Purr the rabbit, and Noot Noot the penguin. This series of table lamps by Marcel Wanders features characters with unique personalities to have as an endearing bedtime companion that your child can grow up with.

The rounded and frosted glass bodies give off an ethereal glow to drift off into a blissful land of fairy tales and wonder.

Retails for $920 to $1,285 at Space Furniture.

7. Kave Home Ridley Lamp, $70

Carry the Ridley lamp from Kave Home everywhere you go with the thoughtful wooden handle design and 3 adjustable light intensity. This modern-day lantern is designed for adults and children as a portable light solution to answer nature’s call in the middle of the night.

A simple charge is all it takes to light the LED-integrated lamp for up to 12 hours.

Retails for $70 at Kave Home.

8. Ikea Blavingad Soft Toy, $24.90

Night lights are a great bedtime routine support, but they should be turned off once your child is asleep. Most sleep studies have shown that light exposure in the dark signals your brain that it is time to wake up. One study also found that low levels of light exposure affect children’s circadian system more than adults.

Therefore, a night light should only be used when you need it to safely move around a dark room, or if your child has a fear of being in the dark. A night light should also be on the dimmest possible setting while being positioned as far away from the bed.

According to Dr Erin E. Flynn-Evans, who worked at the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School Medicine, red light has the smallest effect on the circadian rhythm. Avoid the use of blue, green, white, and white night lights as these have a greater impact on your child’s body clock.

Your cuddly eight-legged friend, BLÅVINGAD octopus soft toy from IKEA is here to keep your child feeling all safe and snug. A gentle press on the octopus’ head illuminates the dark room with a soft whispering glow for the coziest comfort. Thanks to the removable battery-operated lamp, the octopus plushie is safe for your child to play and cuddle with.

Retails for $24.90 at IKEA.

9. Kave Home Bianella Lamp, $60

Wrapped in soft velvet cotton on the base with a white fabric shade on the top, the Bianella lamp from Kave Home adds a subtle touch of mustard or beige colour to the room. It fits in perfectly to a children’s room for bedtime stories and heart-to-heart talks, since the Bianella lamp is designed in a mini version with a slightly shorter height, compared to regular table lamps.

Retails for $60 at Kave Home

10. Hipvan Mi Bedside Lamp 2, $69

All you need is a simple touch on the Mi Bedside Lamp 2 and you can unlock the greatness of this minimalistic lamp with over 16 million coloured lights to choose from.

As a smart-compatible lamp, you can control the lamp easily with your voice, or even remotely via the app. Automate the smart lamp with your child’s sleep and wake schedule to regulate a natural circadian rhythm.

Retails for $69 at Hipvan.

11. Hipvan Kenne Bell Pendant Lamp, $55

Opt for cool white light for your child’s study area to enhance your child’s visual clarity and focus on reading and writing. Pair a ceiling lamp with an adjustable desk lamp to ensure that the room is well-lit without any shadow or glare on the desk.

Create a calm and conducive study environment with the Kenne Bell pendant lamp from Hipvan. With up to six light pastel shades to choose from, there is definitely a colour that your child would love. Accented with a touch of wood, this Nordic-style pendant lamp is ideal for brightening up your child’s study corner.

Retails for $55 from Hipvan.

12. Kartell Fly Kids Lamp, $730

Reminiscent of soap bubbles with shimmering light reflections, the Kartell FL/Y kids suspension lamp is a bubbly and fun addition to your children’s room.

Designed by an Italian designer, Ferruccio Laviani in three different sizes and a multitude of colour variations, including kids-friendly graphical options, such as stars and dinosaurs.

Retails for $730 from Space Furniture.

13. Mi Desk Lamp Pro, $99

Bid goodbye to eye fatigue with the Mi Desk Lamp Pro, which is eye-safe certified by keeping your child’s eyes protected from harmful blue light and flickers.

One lamp is all it takes to effectively illuminate the entire study table. It also comes with focus and study modes with the ideal light setting

Retails for $99 from Takashimaya.

14. IKEA Krux Work Lamp, $55

Make study time less dreary with an adorable KRUX Work Lamp that provides essential task lighting while jazzing up a lifeless study desk. It is a curious creature with perked-up ears attached and adjustable parts, bringing out the fun in function for drawing and writing with its playful and lively design elements.

Retails for $55 from IKEA.

15. Ikea Isnalen Work Lamp, $29.90

Simple and easy to operate, the Isnalen work lamp from Ikea ($29.90) features a flexible gooseneck for your child to direct the light source independently.

Unlike traditional cone-shaped work lamps, you do not have to worry about blowing the bulb, since it uses an integrated LED bulb. The Ikea Isnalen work lamp is also available in a bold red colour.

Retails for $29.90 from IKEA.

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